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Book 2

Winter 2026, Saint Martin's Griffin

Billings College is a battle ground.


As the Associate Director of Internships, Quinn Riley knows her place. Her allegiance lies firmly with the staff, the brave men and women who keep the campus running and inspire the students outside of the classroom. She has no love, and less patience, for the pretentious professors who think they run the school.


Until Rome is on the line.


Her task: help the professors with their Summer in Rome study abroad program.


The reward: Three free months in her favorite city and more opportunities opened up to the other staff members at Billings.


The challenge: she has to actually work with the faculty, including Dr. Colton Miller, her ex-best friend who she swore she’d never acknowledge again.


Now Quinn is stuck in a city with a man determined to win back her friendship. But with delectable food, flowing wine, and enough PDA to turn anyone’s mind to romance, Quinn starts to question if friendship is even what she wants from him.

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